Jan Adamus
Visual & Technical Artist,
Unreal Engine Specialist.

Creator of Just Assets,
Assets, Tools and Tutorials For Unreal Engine.



Náměstí Svobody 1,
738 01




+420 607 784 064





IČ: 87626144
DIČ: 9108045386


I'm Jan Adamus

Visual and technical artist who creates immersive art installations, designs digital environments and tools for virtual production, creates video mappings and animations, develops small games and apps.


I am an Unreal Engine Generalist with over 8 years of experience. In fact, I first tried UE when they released UE4 in 2014. It was during my architecture studies. After that, I did my Master’s degree at the Experimental Architecture Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, focusing on procedural and parametric design and the role of architects in digital spaces and environments.


My work consists in finding visual and technical solutions to a given task. I also develop my own tools for my work.


I’m an Unreal Engine enthusiast! So I started creating my own packages and tools for other developers, as well as UE Quick Tips – one minute videos with tips and troubleshooting. In addition, I teach the program and run workshops privately or at universities.


This is how I started with Just Assets, Assets and Tutorials for Unreal Engine.

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